Changes to The Mad Bishop

Posted on April 8, 2009

Due to the recent changes within 27Gaming there will be a few changes to the design and gameplay of The Mad Bishop as I, Belnoroth, takes over as lead designer of the module.

The core of the module will still be the same, it will be single-player, story based and focusing on rogue characters and the main reason the previous work is being scrapped is so that I can start from a clean slate and design the game and levels around certain gameplay features from the beginning instead of adapting and updating the old material. I have several gameplay ideas that I’m toying with that should ensure a unique and exciting game experience.

David will be working solely as a writer now and will provide the plot for the module, which should turn out much better with him being able to focus on writing and not trying to solve gameplay issues and building areas.

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27 Gaming Cofounder Steps Down

Posted on April 7, 2009

David R. Lambert, otherwise known online as VaeVictus X, has given up his leadership position in the organization, handing sole ownership and management responsibilities to his former partner, Belnoroth.  David will remain with 27 Gaming as a writer, and may be called upon for other minor matters, but will no longer be involved in the design process as he seeks to forge a career as a creative writer in the New Media Age.

The previously announced Neverwinter Nights module entitled The Mad Bishop is unfortunately caught in the middle of this change.  Work that has previously been done on the project wil be scrapped and Belnoroth will be taking over as the lead on this project.  David will be plotting the storyline for the up-coming module in a series of short fantasy stories.

David R. Lambert is also hard at work writing a novel.  He will answer any questions as best he can, but asks that those who wish to contact him be patient as he is still in the process of adjusting to a reprioritized life.

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