Tir-Nimphel changing

Posted on November 28, 2007

After much consideration I have decided to make Tir-Nimphel in NWN 1 instead. The NWN 2 version may some day see the light, but at the moment we will focus on the NWN 1 version.

The main reasons for the change are that I feel that multiplayer is far too clumsy and that the toolset in NWN 2, while allowing more control over things, is too slow to work with. Another major reason is the size issue, making Tir-Nimphel in Neverwinter Nights 2 means we have to limit ourselves when making areas in order to keep the file size down, or have a greatly limited number of areas, whereas in NWN 1 we can have hundreds of areas before we hit the RAM limit.

Work began on the Neverwinter Nights 1 version last Saturday and I expect to have enough areas for a small beta this weekend. The only Hak Pak required for the beta server will be CEP 2, but in the future I intend to include a couple others once we get more players.

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